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FAQs About Edgenuity

How do I track my child's progress on Edgenuity?
Once your child is enrolled in Edgenuity, you will receive an email from Edgenuity (as long as your information in PowerSchool is correct) asking you to sign up for the Parent Portal.  This portal will allow you to track their progress.  If you have any other questions, direct them to your child's homeroom teacher.  
Are classes on Edgenuity full credit classes?
Classes on Edgenuity are either taken for .50 credit or 1.0 credit.  It is at the determination of your child's school counselor as to which classes they are enrolled to meet graduation requirements.   
Are there any electives on Edgenuity? 
There are some electives on Edgenuity, however, it is important to note, that Edgenuity does not offer hands-on electives and/or vocational classes.  Those classes can be taken at the high school as deemed appropriate by your child's home high school Dean and Individualized Learning Plan.
Does my child's home high school recognize Edgenuity as credit toward high school graduation?
 Yes, both high schools use Edgenuity in their buildings as a way for students to recover credits.  
Will it say Edgenuity on my child's transcript?
No, Edgenuity classes are closely aligned with what classes are listed as in your child's home high school course catalog. 
It is in our best interest to advise our students taking initial credit courses that these courses may not meet the requirements of the NCAA if they are looking to participate in athletics at the collegiate level.